Thursday, 22 March 2012

Photo Forest at Kirkstall Festival 2012

The People's Exhibition is back!

We'll be creating a photo forest for Kirkstall Festival 2012! That's right, a forest!

In the run up to Kirkstall Festival 2012 we’re asking you to take pictures of everything and anything you love about Kirkstall and your community. These can be artistic, sentimental, fun, odd…anything goes (so long as it’s legal and family friendly!) Have a look back through the blog for ideas from The People's Exhibition 2011.

These images will be printed and displayed at the festival in our Photo Forest, once again creating The People’s Exhibition of memories and experiences from the people of Leeds.

We need all-new photos to go into the Photo Forest. Think about what you love, go and take a picture of it, repeat for as many times as you like, and send the pictures to us at We’ll upload them to the blog here at and print them out to display in the Photo Forest.

As always you'll be included in the credits and retain all rights to your picture, don’t worry, we’re not vultures!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The People's Exhibition on the air!

We're still sorting through reviews and photos from Friday, but in the meantime listen to this great interview of James Hill, one of the organisers of Light Night, in which he talks about The People's Exhibition (from 55mins in) - I'm trying to get a non-iplayer-timelimited copy, but in the meantime:

Monday, 10 October 2011

Thank you!

We're still recovering from the super-popular event that was The People's Exhibition, and we'll be putting up a big blog with thanks and pictures and awesomeness, and we're very much planning to keep the blog going with any new submissions (and upload all the postcards from the night) but we wanted to quickly check in and say a massive thank you to everyone who sent in photos and spread the word and came to the event. I think most people had a blast and we certainly did! So thank you!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lines have now closed. (Please do not call, your vote won't be counted and you still may be charged)

We've now closed submission for The People's Exhibition until after Light Night. If you send any photos to us, they'll go in a queue to be uploaded to the blog after Light Night, but they most likely won't be included in the exhibition (as we won't have time to get them printed).

Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far, and please don't forget to come and see the exhibition LIVE on Friday!